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24x7 Thermal & Electrical Power & Energy Monitoring for datacenters

Within the data center industry, the volume of digital data processed and stored continues to increase at a rapid pace, as does the demand for power usage effectiveness, energy efficiency, power realibility and cost control.

Mission Critical Monitoring

As technology has evolved, demand for new monitoring capabilities within the data center industry has developed from a simple alerting tool into a critical requirement for a comprehensive monitoring system that will assist in maximising uptime, and ensure that increasingly complex facilities/plants are running efficiently and effectively.
It is now essential, particularly for mission critical facilities, to implement a real-time monitoring system that is capable of delivering the detailed information required to reduce energy usage and maximise energy efficiency, while ensuring ultimate power reliability, and therefore system health and performance.


Data Centers & Thermal Monitoring - The Next Technology Step

In today's commercial environment the continued operation of mission critical buildings now has the objective of zero unscheduled downtime and minimal scheduled downtime.
The most common cause of electrical failure are bad connections. These cannot be detected via metering or load measurements, power quality etc. However, the thermal increase can be detected using thermally sensitive devices installed to provide continuous monitoring of switchgear / busbar joints.

Exertherm™ provides a major breakthrough:

  • 24x7 CONTINUOUS Thermal Monitoring of electrical switchgear INSIDE the enclosure (ability to monitor both bus & cable joints)
  • Real-time data (rather than periodic data with inspections from outside)
  • On-going trend analysis / user definable alarms which trigger in the event the temperature of any monitored component exceeds the pre-set limits
  • Easily installed (new build /retrofit) & integrates with BMS/SCADA systems
  • Improved facility / operator saftey through Arc Flash mitigation
  • Exertherm™ ThermalMap™ - a new & unique predictive tool developed to combine load data from metering with Delta T data via Exertherm™ IR sensors

The current method of thermal imaging inspections are only normally carried out once or twice per year, which equates to monitoring less than 1% of the available time, leaving a huge amount to 'luck'. Also, the inspections are done from OUTSIDE the enclosure in which the equipment is located.
Even thermal windows don't overcome the problems; they improve the view from camera to target, but don't resolve some key issues, like how to inspect targets with no direct line of sight, nor the fact that the inspections remain periodic, and also add significant cost.

Exertherm™ provides the Next Technology Step by delivering 24x7 continuous Thermal Monitoring INSIDE the enclosure, detecting and identifying the location of potential problems at an early stage of development via on-going trend analysis and alarms.

For more information on Exertherm™ please visit Thermal Monitoring or our Resources area


Datacenters & Power Monitoring - A New Approach

The lack of power resource, together with the increase in power demand has led to rising energy costs, which has resulted in power now being one of the single largest components of operating costs; therefore a real-time view of energy usage has become essential to operating in an optimized way.
Organizations are now recognizing the need to be 'energy efficient' and their Corporate Responsibility to be 'Green'. Companies must demonstrate their steps toward power efficiency by implementing basic energy efficiency tools such as metering & monitoring as standard.

Vigilance™ is a leading provider of electrical power monitoring systems (EPMS), providing the means to measure and monitor the power usage, quality and status of your entire facility. Our solutions provide a new approach combining simplicity, innovation and value for money, enabling you to monitor energy efficiency remotely and cost effectively.
This is then integrated into a single, holistic view (for single or multi-sites) which means system health and performance can be viewed anytime, anywhere. This data can then be used to better, and more easily manage power consumption and energy efficiency, facilitating sustainable energy savings.

Vigilance™ EPMS provides Power Monitoring with a difference:

  • A new open framework / modular approach
  • Open protocol platform that does not tie you irrevocably to a particular system supplier, or equipment manufacturer
  • No Legacy Issues
  • No Annual Licence Fees
  • Local / remote / multi-site views
  • Innovative menu style options
  • Energy usage / PUE / CO2 etc reporting

Our intelligently designed and priced solutions mean you can integrate our system with your existing equipment / hardware as there are no legacy issues; you can therefore easily expand your system as your requirements change or grow.

Find out more about Vigilance™ EPMS or visit our Resources area