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Exetherm™ provides the Next Technology Step onwards from thermal imaging inspections by delivering 24x7 Thermal Monitoring INSIDE the panel, detecting & identifying the location of problems at an early stage of development via on-going trent analysis / alarm

Download our literature and brochures to find out how Exertherm™ can help you avoid electrical power failure & increase facility / operator safety...


Exertherm® 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Complete Solution Brochure

The Problem: Detecting Electrical Failure. The most common cause of electrical failures and arc flash incidents is poor busbar:busbar joints and cable terminations...

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Exertherm® MCC 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Brochure

Predict MCC Critical Connection Failures with the Exertherm MCC 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Solution....

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Exertherm LoadMap® 24x7 Low Load Protection

A new predictive tool (patent pending) that will dynamically detect and identify compromised joints/terminations residing on circuits operating at low loads (typically below 40% of maximum design load)...

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Exertherm® 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Factsheet

24x7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring of Critical Electrical Connections: Hotspot Detection

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Exertherm® Thermal Monitoring FAQs

Is Exertherm® similar to thermal imaging? Both use non-contact infrared to measure the temperature of the target, but that's where the similarity ends. Exertherm® provides significant and tangible benefits over thermal imaging inspections...

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Exertherm® White Paper - Hunting the Mighty Milliwatt

Milliwatts can turn into "Mighty Milliwatts" (MMW), when resistance increases, typically in loose or bad connections...

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Exertherm® White Paper - Operating Mission Critical Power Circuits at Low Operational Loads

LoadMap™ is a dynamic and unique technology enhancement to the current leading-edge 24x7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring system

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