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Vigilance™ Enterprise software offers energy usage, PUE, CO2, load reports & more

Vigilance™ Enterprise Software

Vigilance™ Enterprise power monitoring software solves the challenges associated with open systems and integration. Vigilance’s software platform is interoperable by design and therefore removes previous barriers enabling analysis of proprietary and legacy data from different systems / devices within a facility. Vigilance™ is then able to integrate diverse systems and devices regardless of manufacturer into a unified platform that can easily be managed and controlled in real-time either locally or remotely via the Internet using standard web browsers.

With it’s easy to use features and proven energy saving capabilities; Vigilance™ Enterprise is successfully addressing today’s energy challenge. Our solution not only provides a new approach allowing for complete integration and control, but also combines simplicity, innovation and value for money.

From a ‘green’ efficiency perspective, Vigilance™ allows users to capitalize on accurate and concise information relating to the energy performance of a building in order to lower energy consumption and enhanced efficiencies, maximising the value of real-time information in your facility.

Vigilance™ continually logs data 24x7

Provides comprehensive historical data that helps end users to reduce the energy delivered to and consumed by their facilities

  • Helps clients make clear energy decisions
  • Increase control over energy bills
  • Empower clients to manage and sustain their reduced energy usage
  • Significant savings can be incurred depending on the level of energy usage and the level of monitoring implemented

Vigilance™ collates information from numerous devices and streamlines into a common system where management can monitor and control power consumption.


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  • Real-time Monitoring - Alarms & Event Log
  • Local / Remote / Multi-site Views
  • Trend Analysis / Reporting
  • Data Acquisition & Integration
  • Revenue Metering
  • Power Quality Analysis