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A new predictive tool (patent pending) that will dynamically detect and identify compromised joints/terminations residing on circuits operating at low loads (typically below 40% of maximum design load).


  • Predicts the maximum load that can be safely applied to a circuit on which a compromised joint has been detected, irrespective of the load that is being applied to the circuit
  • Dynamically predicts the equivalent Delta T alarm threshold applicable at 100% load for any lower load being applied to the circuit.
  • Will dynamically provide the maximum load that can be safely applied to a circuit at the ambient temperature in which the circuit resides.
  • Will dynamically predict the ambient required to operate the circuit at any load up to 100% (or beyond).
  • LoadMap™ also accurately predicts maximum redundancy capacity and capability in N+1/2 facilities.
  • As equipment ages & degenerates it often has to be de-rated e.g. max 80%. This can be avoided via predictive thermal control of the ambient.


Click here to view the Exertherm LoadMap™ White Paper



  • Detects compromised joints at low load
  • Ideal for N+1/2 Data Centers
  • Increased protection for dual redundancy power systems
  • Advises maximum safe load that can be applied at any given ambient