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Exerthermâ„¢ cable sensors for thermal monitoring of cable joints/connections

The Exertherm™ EM Cable Sensor has been built and designed specifically for continuous thermal monitoring of cables connected to either terminals / breaker or busbar connections.


Product Overview

These sensors provide a mV output signal which reads rise over ambient temperature. Sensors are housed in a rugged durable casing to enable fast, easy installation whilst protecting the delicate temperature sensing element.


Cable joints can be monitored simply by using a patented EM Cable sensor which straps to the cable and delivers Delta T measurement.
Sensors connect back to Exertherm™ Datacards, which collect, condition & transmit the data to the host system.


Find out more about Exertherm™ 24x7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring...



  • Continuous Thermal Monitoring of Cable Connections
  • Delta T Measurment
  • Real-time data integrated to BMS/SCADA