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New Thinking is the Driving Force Behind the QHi-Group's Investment in the Buoyant Oil & Gas Sector with Significant Growth Potential in the MENA Oil & Gas Marketplace


The QHi Group is rapidly deploying its Exertherm™ Continuous Thermal Monitoring solutionto Oil & Gas projects globally....

Exertherm™ provides significant benefits over periodic thermalimaging inspections; including increased uptime, improved Asset Integrity Management,reduction in maintenance activities, and ensuring greater levels of human and safetycompliance through effective risk mitigation.

The QHi Group is rapidly deploying its Exertherm™Continuous Thermal Monitoring solution to Oil & Gas projects globally. Exertherm™ provides significantbenefits over periodic thermal imaging inspections; including increased uptime, improved Asset IntegrityManagement, reduction in maintenance activities, and ensuring greater levels of human and safety compliancethrough effective risk mitigation.

New Orders:

Ross Kennedy, CEO, currently leads the QHi-Group's development in this sector and has had recent successincluding...

• Gasco – Abu Dhabi

• Wheatstone – Australia

• Gorgon – Australia

• Petrobras – Brazil

• TengizChevroil – Kazakhstan...all delivered smoothly with a number of the global switchgear OEMs (Schneider, ABB, Siemens).

New team:

Following this success in the Oil & Gas industry, the QHi-Group is strengthening its focus by adding to its business development team and will now have Dan Thomas, Global Director of Operations, and TonyMackenzie, Global Business Development Manager concentrating on developing relationships in the MiddleEast.

New solutions:

The recent addition of Exertherm LoadMap™ to the QHi solutions portfolio is changing the way an industrythinks about Asset Integrity Management.Historically, mission critical switchgear and electrical infrastructures have been inspected whilst 'live',externally and with some form of thermographic inspection to indicate temperature rise within the panels.However, it is accepted that thermographic inspections has some significant limitations to overcome, theskillset and knowledge of the thermographer, restricted/limited access to all of the critical joints.

As quoted by BSRIA "...The best results will invariably be obtained by removing panel covers, screens etc andinspecting live exposed components..." and the fact that it is a snapshot, two thermographic inspections per year equates to less than 0.002% of the year, in time.

In low voltage environments the risks associated with opening panels are generally regarded as too high, and inhigh voltage situations the risks are totally unacceptable, therefore it is difficult to achieve a high standard andaccuracy of inspection.

New thinking:

These risks are removed with the launch of Exertherm™ and Exertherm LoadMap™, permanently installedinside the electrical switchgear monitoring the status and integrity of all critical joints and infrastructure 24x7,providing a safe, non-intrusive understanding of the health of your mission critical circuits, even at low operational loads.

By its nature the Oil & Gas industry operates in demanding and hazardous environments and the need forcomprehensive and evolutionary Asset Integrity Management solutions is common knowledge. QHi add significant value to these AIM solutions through removing the need for intrusive 'live' maintenance activityand instead provide a continuous, and up to date remote management solution to report on the integrity of yourkey electrical assets.

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