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Exertherm Pricing Press Release


Exertherm 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Technology breaks through pricing barriers....

March 1st 2010


QHi-Group market the unique Exertherm™ 24 x 7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring System which provides significant tangible benefits over existing thermal imaging technology, including; permanently installing lifetime calibrated IR non-contact thermal sensors INSIDE electrical enclosures/panels. This enables continuous 24 x 7 monitoring as opposed to a "snapshot" inspection 1 day per year. In addition, the data from the Exertherm™ system is real-time with user definable alarms, and can be easily integrated into existing host BMS / SCADA systems.

This groundbreaking USA manufactured technology has already been recognized and adopted as the new "Best Practice" by an increasing number of large / multi-national organizations in the data center, financial, healthcare, Oil & Gas & petro chemical markets.

As with any new technology when first introduced to the industry, volumes were low and prices accordingly high. Clients told us our 24x7 Thermal Monitoring was a great, totally unique concept and a fantastic product. They also told us it was a tad expensive. We listened.
As a result, some 18 months ago we set about resolving that problem. We re-designed the product and significantly reduced the price; this combined with how the tangible advantages were increasingly being recognized and the technology was increasingly being adopted by organizations as 'best practice', meant volumes increased enabling a lowered price per point.

It was clear that any reduction had to be significant if it was going to achieve a sustainable volume increase. That objective has now been achieved, and new prices which reflect a massive reduction in excess of 50% have been launched with effect from 1st March 2010, and are guaranteed for the next 24 months.

The establishment of the importance of NFPA 70E + B in the United States has acted as a further stimulus to the deployment of this new technology, since it removes the need to put operators at risk by either opening, or indeed being in the vicinity of electrical panels where there is a risk of arc flash, in order to carry out thermal inspections. The Exertherm system does it all for you safely, remotely, and continuously.

Exertherm™ is vendor neutral and can thus be specified into product by major OEMs such as Schneider Electric, Siemens & ABB.

To find out more about the advantages of this new "Best Practice" technology and new affordable prices Contact Us

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