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QHi Group Expands Presence in Singapore with Appointment of Critical Power Solutions as Contractor Partner for Exertherm™ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring


QHi Group is pleased to announce it has appointed Critical Power Solutions Private Limited(part of Power Partners Private Limited), in Singapore as it's authorised Contractor Partner.

Critical Power Solutions (CPS) will be fully trained andauthorised to market, sell, install & provide after-sales support for the Exertherm™ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring solution.

The Exertherm™ system provides cost effective and continuous thermal monitoring of mission critical electrical infrastructure, (rather than annual thermal scans).This is highly important for organisations which incur high downtime costs e.g. the Data Center, & Oil & Gas industries, where Exertherm™ has already gained significant adoption with numerous major blue chip Companies.

Critical Power Solutions is a new operating Company set up by the owners of Power Partners ( to enable it to focus on the growing demand for solutions which increase safety,increase asset integrity and increase production uptime, in industries which suffer potential high downtimecosts, or environmental pollution risk (e.g. waste water etc).

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