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Lifetime warranty confirms reliability of Exertherm thermal condition monitoring for key electrical infrastructure


Lifetime warranty is now provided on Exertherm infrared sensors which are permanently installed within electrical switchgear (LV&MV). These unique non-powered sensors do not contact the electrical conductors to detect hot joints / terminations on copper bus & cable, which are a major source of power outages.

A key requirement to fitting permanently installed sensors is their reliability. The Exertherm IR sensors come with certified Lifetime Calibration and Warranty, thus providing zero maintenance and absolute reliability for the anticipated 25-40yr life of such equipment.

This is a critical factor which is essential if future significant downtime costs are to be avoided, which will occur if sensors require any maintenance or replacement.

"There is a rapid increase in the global shift from periodic inspections using thermal imaging cameras / windows, to permanently installed non-contact infrared sensors, which is driving Exertherm to the World #1 Thermal Monitoring system", says Exertherm CEO Ross Kennedy.

Exertherm is suitable for both retro-fit and new build, and has been proven globally via installation in major projects with all main OEM's.

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