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Global provider of Thermal & Power/Energy Monitoring Solutions - operations in USA / UK / EUR / EMEA

The QHi Group

Established in 1988, QHi-Group is a rapidly expanding international company, providing technology based products and solutions, which are innovative and best of class to numerous blue chip organisations across a diverse cross section of industries.


Exertherm™ 24x7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Originally marketing IR sensors to manufacturing & process industries e.g. HP (now a Strategic Partner ), Xerox, Kodak, Heidelberg etc, led to the design and development of Exertherm™ a Continuous Thermal Monitoring System that is the Next Technology Step onward from periodic Thermal Imaging. This unique system places low cost, plastic-bodied, non-contact infrared sensors INSIDE Mission Critical electrical enclosures (LV & MV switchgear, PDU's, UPS, etc).
While initially developed for 24x7 monitoring of mission critical electrical equipment in high downtime cost environments, Exertherm™ can also be used to thermally monitor mechanical assets i.e. compressors, motors, gearboxes, bearings, pumps etc.

Vigilance™ Power Monitoring

With years of collective experience in System Integration, QHi have delivered innovation and results. Our client base recognizes that via a selection of open solutions, QHi have been able to tailor their work to offer simple, yet comprehensive total solutions.
Research & development combined with in-house integration skills, provided the capability and experience to deliver a new approach to power monitoring systems, producing Vigilance™ EPMS; a unique open framework modular / open protocol system with a modular suite of hardware and software providing an innovative, flexible and cost effective solution.
Our integration teams are experienced hands on engineers with specialist software integration knowledge and training, so we understand all the practical issues.


Our clients range from single site operations to large global multi site organizations. These companies have either taken a fully integrated facilities management system via software integration, or we have provided both the hardware and software integration including full installation and commissioning of the systems.
We source our products either through in house research and development or via strategic partnerships with global suppliers providing best of breed product in each of the disciplines or market sectors where we are involved. This enables us to remain objective, and maintain our independence, while providing the best possible solution to our clients.

With operations in USA, UK, Europe and EMEA, QHi-Group is a global provider of Thermal & Power/Energy Monitoring, providing open protocol, future proof solutions which incorporate value, reliability, innovation and scalability.

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