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Exertherm™ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring now has an 'out of the box' supervisory software solution.


The system is fully user configurable with no unique software requirements other than standard Web Browser access. This negates the need to have expensive integration into BMS / SCADA systems which provides very limited functionality, thus saving considerable costs. It enables the user to create a fully working and scalable "front end GUI" within minutes.

The Exertherm Vision™ 'out of the box' solution has the following features / benefits as standard:

  1. User configurable with standard web browser
  2. Ability to connect to up to 54 separate data acquisition devices (432 sensors)
  3. Four levels of user security
  4. Standardised menu option throughout system
  5. All labels and tags are configurable by the end user
  6. Two user configurable alarms per sensor with time delay
  7. History trending and storage per sensor with user configurable time interval
  8. Quick view 5 minute chart logger function included
  9. Alarm transmission via Email available (connection to client network required)
  10. Three alarm escalation levels
  11. Ability to view alarm database for past events and alarms
  12. Ability to view event log database (logins, logouts, errors, changes) with suitable security access.
  13. Ability to connect to panel mounted HMI
  14. Access via local connection to laptop or via Intranet (Internet available if allowed)
  15. Can be retrofitted or factory option
  16. Optional contact alarm to BMS /SCADA


The system also allows the user to link into the Exertherm Enterprise™ solution to expand the capabilities and storage capacity (should your monitoring requirements / facility develop) with the ability to archive years of valuable data.


  • User configurable with standard web browser
  • History trending and storage / Event Log database
  • 2 user definable alarms per sensor
  • Quick view 5 minute chart logger function