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Exertherm™ MCC ‘In-drawer’ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring: Predicts MCC Critical Connection Failures

As the world leader in Thermal Monitoring of electrical and mechanical infrastructure QHi have developed the unique, low cost Exertherm™ MCC 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Solution. Simple and easy to fit & situated completely within the drawer, this solution is vendor neutral and suitable for new build or retrofit. This provides the ability to permanently thermally monitor the critical connections at the rear of the drawer, via specifically designed measurement techniques for this challenging MCC application, which is globally recognised as a major source of power outages. Read more.

QHi Group Systems Division:

Since 1988 the QHi Group has been a leading international provider of advanced thermal and power monitoring solutions. Our current solutions portfolio consists of Exertherm™; an Infrared sensor solution that continuously provides key thermal data from inside electrical switchgear solutions. This data helps to reduce the risk of major power outages as a result of unseen connection failures and also removes some major risks that can cause potentially catastrophic Arc Flash incidents. In addition to switchgear monitoring, we also offer a highly scalable (single to) multi-site Energy Management System; Vigilance™, with advanced capabilities including detailed but simple to use energy usage, capacity, comparative period analysis & reporting and power /quality analysis designed to help maximize the energy efficiency of your facility. Contact us now to discover how our unique technology solutions can empower your monitoring capabilities........... Find out more

Exertherm™ 24x7 Thermal Monitoring:

Mitigate Arc Flash Incidents

If you need to avoid expensive & unscheduled downtime as a result of an unseen power failure or are interested in removing some of the key risks that occur before a major Arc Flash incident,then please take a moment to review Exertherm™........ Find out more

Vigilance™ Energy Management:

Tired of inflexible, expensive systems? Vigilance™ delivers a new approach, providing a modular & scalable Energy Management System - EMS, with an open protocol platform & no legacy issues or annual licence fees enabling you to better manage your power usage more effectively... Find out more

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